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Silk Road

One Belt One Road – China Railway Express

“One Belt One Road” is an initiative of the Government of the People’s Republic of China aimed at developing and improving the transport corridors of Eurasia.

The New Silk Road

One Belt One Road

Referring to the tradition of trade between East and West on the Silk Road hundreds of years ago, the new initiative promotes closer economic cooperation between countries along the route.

Along with the New Silk Road initiative, the China-Europe Railway Express has also been developing since March 2011, creating a new quality for rail freight. In 2013, the city government of Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan province) together with China Railway opened the International Railway Port. Since then, with the development of the project, Chengdu has become one of the most important and largest railway hubs in the PRC, as well as a window for international exchanges with the western and southern regions of China.

Chengdu International Rail Port has direct connections to 16 foreign and 14 Chinese cities while having one of the highest rates of all Sino-European rail freight traffic (25% in 2017), placing it among the top 6 rail ports of the entire country. Additionally, river transport lanes and air transport lines intersect in Chengdu with the main hub at Shuangliu International Port (one of the 30 busiest airports in the world).

Chengdu is now one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation and communication centers in western China. In 2021, Chengdu was ranked 35th on the Global Financial Centres Index (ranked 43rd the year before). Its economy is diversified with leading industries such as engineering, automotive, medical, food, and IT.

All this makes Chengdu an excellent base for international trade.


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